Using Ecommerce Website Templates for Your Store

Ecommerce website templates are basically ready-made ecommerce website designs that can be modified to suit the needs of different individuals. These particular types of templates have key characteristics that can be found on any online store including product categories and pages. Over the years, ecommerce has been continually developing and there are certain standards have been set as a result for the way these kinds of sites are supposed to look and feel. The templates are used as an easy way to build an online store that abides by these standards. They can be used as the default design for the website or customized by anyone who is familiar with HTML and other programming codes.

There are generally two types of ecommerce website templates that can be found on the Internet, those that are free and premium paid templates. The difference between these two is the quality and added services that may or may not be provided. The ones that are free are usually really simple and are commonly thought of as being low quality. They usually do not provide technical support so you are out of luck if you run into any problems. When one gets premium templates, they can get the technical support from the developers in case they need it. The templates are also of higher quality as they are designed specifically to be attractive to customers with the goal of making a profit.

When designing ecommerce websites, one can use WordPress which is an open source software that provides users with the necessary tools and templates to easily build a website. WordPress is based on PHP for designing websites and mysql for creating databases for those websites. If you want to create your site from the templates given, all you need to do is choose a decent looking template from the database that WordPress users have access to. However most WordPress templates are made exclusively for regular websites and do not have all of the necessary components that are required by an ecommerce website. You will also need to upload a shopping cart plugin to allow transactions to take place within your website.

A better option is to use an ecommerce solution software to help you build your online store. With this kind of software, the ecommerce website templates are designed specifically with ecommerce in mind. They charge a monthly fee so the templates are considered to be of premium quality. Most of the companies that offer this service also have in-house web designers that you can hire if you want further customization of the template.

Small Business eCommerce – What Type of Internet Presence Do You Need?

If you are one of the growing number of people that have decided to start an online business, then you have several options for an eCommerce site to choose from. With new internet technology, people are able to do much more with their businesses than ever before.

The question is, what can an eCommerce site do for your business? It isn’t just simply a way to pay for products online, even though this is usually the main goal of your business that decides to use an eCommerce site. What you can do with your site will depend on the features your site has.

If you have a virtual storefront, then customers can look at the items you have and have an easy way to order, since they can do so right from their computer. Through this type of site, customers can look through your offers, find out what they are about, and then order. This is somewhat similar to a mall, where shoppers can do all of their shopping in one centralized location.

Through great menu features, it is simple for your customers to shop, since all they have to do, is click on what they are interested in. Then, through the shopping cart, they will have the items saved until they get ready to check out. When they are finished shopping, all they have to do is checkout and pay for their purchase.

Information sites are there to let potential customers know about your products. The main goal is the selling of products, but this isn’t necessarily done online. This is perfect for companies that have big showrooms, since they can reach out to a larger amount of people. This is a wonderful way for companies to make their items known to the public.

When people use the internet, it is mostly so that they can find out information about different things. An example is if you wanted to buy a new car, but didn’t have days to search through various dealerships, you can instead go to their websites and search for deals.

A marketplace is an other kind of eCommerce site – just think of eBay. These kinds of sites are mediators between buyers and sellers. The products can either be bought via bidding or directly, like it is done on eBay.

These types of arrangements make it possible for businesses to grow indefinitely utilizing their internet presence. If you do your research and find the type of eCommerce site that is right for your business, or use a combination of the above options, then you can grow your business into a global player.

Types of Ecommerce Sites

Are planning to put up an online business? ecommerce is fast becoming a trend among businesses. Breakthroughs in technology now allow people to do much of their business online. Over 10% of all purchases are now made from an online source.

Many people may be asking what they can get out of an ecommerce site. An ecommerce site is not just for transacting business online, although it is the primary goal of businesses when they put up one. Depending on the features in a site, it can be used for many different purposes, some of which I am going to discuss below as I enumerate to you the various types of ecommerce sites.

Virtual Storefront

This type of site allows customers to view and purchase products with just a click of the mouse. This transactional site lets shoppers browse through products, read information about them and make orders. It allows them to do everything in just one site. This is like a “mall” where shoppers can just go around choosing the items that they want to buy.

Menu features makes shopping convenient and easy for customers as they just have to click their choices. They can “carry” around with them items that they have chosen using shopping baskets or carts. When they are done with their shopping, they can checkout and pay for their purchases.

Virtual storefronts can offer a variety of products to customers. Businesses can feature as many products as they want in their site. They just have to ensure that all products are available for delivery.

Information Sites

An information site is set up to make their products known to potential customers. The primary goal is still to sell products but not online. Companies that have showroom can use this type of site to reach out to more people. Large companies use information sites to make people aware of their products.

The primary reason why people use the internet is to gain information. For example, you want to purchase a car but don’t have the time to spend a day going around checking out car dealerships. So what you can do is to visit information sites that feature cars to help you in making a decision about your car purchase.

Information sites aim to provide complete and detailed information about the products that they sell. Potential customers can read descriptions, view pictures, watch videos and obtain pricing of various products.


Unless you have spent all your life living in an isolated island, I am definitely sure that you have heard of eBay. Marketplace sites like eBay act as middleman that allows buyers and sellers to conduct business. Products that are for sale can either be purchased directly or through bidding within the site just like it’s done in eBay.

In this kind of setup, quite a lot of businesses compete in a certain industry. Because the marketplace exists in a virtual world, there is no limit as to how much you can expand. What is great about this type of site is that most of the things that you need to be able to do business online is already put in place for you.

Just a word of advice: Determine the type of site that you want to establish online. ecommerce sites can be a combination of the different types available. Just make sure that you make your site known to as many people as possible.